January 5, 2007

Feel free to touch

Any and every offending part. With little discrimination.

Grabbing yanking while making way, trying to move ahead is common enough. However, if your rear is in my line of vision while I must converse with the woman on the opposite side, I may push your behind away.. nothing personal just your backside. I can prod or tap your wagon to draw your attention to my discomfort. But I can do that. It's acceptable.

If this were in a movie I'd use a montage of the following pornographic images. Sweaty bodies. A full breast leaning from the side. A cleavage in a blouse riding against another back along the motion of the train. Loosely draped sarees showing seductive amounts of skin...only, its rolls of fat, shimmering in the afternoon haze. I'm sure the casually occurring sounds could be smartly edited to replicate those exhibited during intercourse.

There is something inherently undesirable about having strange people close in about you. And India is its multitudes.

1 comment:

schazeb kohari said...

I touched like 60 kmph... sitting here in my cubicle, on a thursday afternoon. Super Super.
If you ever starve us of this...