December 2, 2006

Ladies Compartment : Personality trait II

She lives beyond the suburbs. She wakes up every morning at four. She prepares tiffins for her husband, her son and herself and meals for the in-laws. She boards a particular bus that connects to a particular train. She's at work for the next couple of hours. Then, she must rush back to get home again to cook, clean, launder. Day in and day out. For more than seventeen years now. Resilience. She still finds time to make intricate crochet handicrafts, embroidered sarees and beautiful hand-painted linen. She cares to give lessons too.

She's one of many. And these crowd the Ladies Compartment. It helps to think of her in an especially overcrowded Virar fast.


divyashri said...
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divyashri said...

your writing is simple.. with lot of depth.. something i could really relate to.. :)