March 13, 2007


Concerns reflected in contemporary media:

Advertising blitz pronounces,
"Ab deodorant nahin laganewale ki bajegi",
"Ab train ke dibbey ko kachre ka dibba samajhnewale ki bajegi",
"Ab bahar latakey showshine karnewale ki bajegi",
"Ab phukatmain lafda karnewale ki bajegi",
"Ab 4th seat ki jagah nahi denewale ki bajegi",
"Ab dusre ke kandhe ko takiya samajhnewale ki bajegi"...

93.5FM.. "Bajate Raho"


shreya said...


ashu said...

yeah these ones are quite funny. A friend and i were reading these lines out we were trying different voices over it. we tried them with bihari, gujarati etc. accents. its quite amusing.

vaidehi vishwasrao said...

I'd like to be included in the audience for the performance as well..